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Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy

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When Do I Know It’s Time to Seek Counseling?

People are encouraged to seek help when either life situations become overwhelming or when a problem negatively impacts either work or important relationships.

Many times people reach out to friends or understanding family members in order to make it through difficult times, and this can adequately meet their needs.

Other times friends and family may have limitations in helping.

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People I Serve and Counseling Specialties



I help you discover motivating factors beneath your thinking, feelings, and behavior in order to unlock your own individual strengths to empower yourself towards healing and growth.

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In addition to traditional couples therapy, I offer Conjoint Couples Therapy for “high conflict” couples who are looking for something different to stop fighting with each other.

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I help you to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. I provide you with loving, yet powerful tools for parenting children of all ages.

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